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Thread: Sliding Drops

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    Sliding Drops

    I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I understand the new Explosiffs are eqiuped with better bolts on the sliders, Did I read somewhere that people were also installing some star washer to help them bite in a little better.

    Some please ellaborate or direct me to a old post...

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    This has been posted before but no big deal

    People are using star washers for the dropouts. The best thing to do is just go buy 6mm allen bolts with a deep head on them and use a star washer and you will not have any more problems.

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    Yeah I did have some sliding issues. Went through different washers/bolts. I think I ended up deforming the frame dropout from trying to tighten the crap out of the bolts. My LBS the Path finally added a single drive side bolt to the dropout. No slippage in about 6 months. I only had to adjust it went I went to an easier larger cog. The bolts are stainless steel and the washers are actually knurled?(spelling) bmx ones. I believe that I was the only one from the Path who had issues. Mine was built up in January 04'. Hope this helps. john
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    I haven't had any slipping issue on my Unit (same as Explosif but with no hanger). I did stripped the bolts when adjusting the dropouts after a cog change, the solution was a trip to the hardware store and buy 6mm allen deep head bolts. So far have 0 sliding issues and don't use the start washers, only have the stock ones.

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    Built it Today

    Got my 05 Frame today and built it up. I like the new color (Machine gray). Mine didn't come with the nifty little adjuster bolts to help slide the drops back. Sure would've helped in getting the rear wheel square in the frame. It did come with the deep allen head bolts and star washers. Foo Man Choo did a halfway job on the welds. Oh Well, Can't expect too much from a mass produced frame.

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