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    New question here. Setting sag on my Fox Vanilla R

    I already posted this in the "Lets talk about shocks" forum, but I thought I would post it here for opinions from Kona onwers.
    I'm trying to set the sag on my Fox Vanilla R. Here are the details:

    - 05 Kona Coiler, 17" frame.
    - the spring that came on the shock is 550 lb.
    - I weigh 200 lbs
    - Kona lists the leverage ratio as 3.0:1.

    The Fox manual that came with my bike says "If more than 2 turns of preload are required to achieve the correct amount of sag, it is recommended that a higher rate spring be installed"

    Now for the questions:

    Q1. 2 turns of preload from what position on the aduster?
    Q2. Based on the leverage ratio and my weight, do I need a 600 lb spring?


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    Sounds about right.

    I've got a 2004 Coiler, 17" which comes with a 500lb spring as standard, I weigh about the same as you, and have been told by our Fox importers ( that I should fit a 600-650lb spring, have'nt done it yet though, i'll wait until it gets a bit drier in the summer!!

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    Sag setting.

    Basically, you should get the preload collar on so the spring doesn't move around on the shock. That's your starting point. From there, measure the amount of turns necessary to achieve the appropriate sag. Personally, I think you could go with 3 turns of pre-load before needing to go up a spring level, but you get the point.

    If you're running < 3 turns of pre-load and you're not bottoming it that hard, then it doesn't mattter how much sag you have. If it's bottoming really hard, then time to jump up a spring level or two.

    When you start to go with more pre-load turns, you reduce the amount of space between each coil and you run the risk of it binding on full compression. BTW, if you call Fox, they're always super helpful with what spring to run on any given bike along - depending on the type of riding you do. Shouldn't cost more than $30 for a spring directly from them.


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