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    Kikapu Dee-lux vrs Dawg

    I am looking to get my first full suspension bike here in the near future and I have narrowed my choices down to the Kikapu and the Dawg. I ride XC and never do any big jumps. I don't think I have ever had more than a couple feet of air under my tires but my riding is progressing. I only ride two trails with any regularity, one is smooth and flowing and the other is technical with a lot of climbs. I am 6'6" and weigh a bit over 200 pounds so I am worried the Kikapu might be a bit light for me. So if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.

    Oh yeah I am also still considering a Stumpjumper so any help there would also be appreciated.


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    I own a kikapu not de-lux but i think it is the same frame... I weigh about 200 lbs and i felt my kikapu flexy mainly on rough descends . I think a dawg i more stable and strong, you can set up a dawg with light components so you can use as XC -Trail bike.

    P.S all The 2005 dawg have 5 inch rear suspension except the dawgmatic (4 inch) that might be good for you

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    Go with the Dawg

    the Dawg's frame would be a better match for your weight. Unless you are a racer, you'd be better off buying something that you can grow into instead of out of. Your riding will always progress and you'd be better off having a frame that can take a little bit of punishment as you get better.

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    Any other opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caseyls
    Any other opinions?
    One of my buddies narrowed it down to the Kik D and Dawg as well. I have an upgraded Bear and my regular riding buddy has a Dawg D. We both think these are ideal bikes for our riding (technical cross country in the Cdn Rockies). The original guy decided on the Dawg (although he swapped out some of the components).

    I had an FSR for 2 years before trading it in on my Bear. I ended up in the hospital twice. It's not the right bike for our type of riding. In my view, it's squirrely on the singletrack and brutal on the gnarly steeps. Endos are tough to avoid. A buddy of mine is getting rid of his for the same reason. Lots will disagree with me though.

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