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    ... and if we just ... just bought 04 coiler d, anything i should know/ tips?

    so i first saw a coiler last year when i was ipassing through salida, colorado and fell in love. im a big guy (6'1" 285lb) and i felt like my fisher sugar was going to hold me back. so i finally talked the wife into letting me get a bike , i rode several bikes and kept coming back to the coiler. i lucked out and got an 04 coiler dee-lux (black bike/black fork...beautiful) that was leftover stock from ebay. should be here next week and i cant wait to hit my favorite trails with all that suspension. i have an 8 in frontdisc brake on my sugar that i will moving over to the coiler (just the rotor/adapter, keeping the caliper) so i shouldnt have any problem getting stopped.
    anything i should keep an eye on with the bike? known problem areas? i found out pretty early from some riders where sugars are known to break down and i inspected those areas regularly, so thats the kind of thing im looking for. i need this bike to last a long time
    also any fine tuning tips for the suspension/drivetrain/whatever would be much appreciated.
    also are the dangerboy plates worth getting for the travel increase?
    also one of my main concerns is the rims/hubs. how are these holding up for people?

    ill be sure to post some pics up in the introduction thread once the bike gets here.
    thanks for any and all help

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    At your weight you are most likely going to need stiffer springs. If you have to use a lot of preload the get the sag set you will need it. Not sure want you need to do for the fork.
    Using any non-factory "plates" (even from another Kona model) will void the warranty.

    The wheels should hold up fine. You should repack and readjust the hub bearings before you ride it much. The Shimano's are notorious for not being adjusted correctly from the factory. Do it now and they will work well for a long time.
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    Good job! Some items to upgrade

    I'd recommend:

    -Swapping out those Tiogas (if that's what they're coming with) for something lighter if you want to cut down on the rotational mass - climbing with those badboys is brutal but they're pretty decent for handling the dh.
    -Swapping out that Koski stem unless you like a XC stem
    -Play with that fork until it's dialed in just right for you
    -Put some wider handlebars on unless you like a narrow grip
    -Like Shiggy says get a stiffer spring from a Fox dealer or eBay

    My $.02 - you're going to love this bike, I've had my Coiler for a year now and it's been a lot of fun!
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    thanks for the advice guys

    figured the spring might need to be replaced.
    i will do what you suggest with the hubs.
    definitely will get a shorter stem, i hate being way out over the bars
    ive got a set of maxxxis high rollers 2.1 with kevlar bead i will probably throw one on the front and i have a panaracer cinder 1.95 on the rear of my current bike that climbs pretty well.

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    Defo get that rear spring sorted, I used the stock spring on my Coiler 17" (500lbs) and I weigh 200lbs and found that I was using up most of the travel just by sitting on it!., got a new spring off ebay, now using a 700lb spring and its made it a hell of a lot easier to climb!

    Check this link, hope it helps -

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    Nice bike, I think this will work much better for you than your Sugar.
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