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    If there weren't any Konas...

    Then wich manufacturer would you choose ?
    Oh and is Kona your first choice ,because you can't afford your favourite ,or simply because you love Konas ?

    My second choice would be Nicolai ,but even if I could afford to buy one ,I'd still buy a Kona.
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    I really think if GT had not had there money problems and been sold to Pacific. I would still be riding those. A GT was my first real bike back in the 80's and i had been riding them ever since. Till they went BK'd and sold to Pacific. Why do i support Kona? For one they fit well and dispite the 20%(avg) increase in price and downgrading on some componets on some of there 05 bikes. They still offer the best bang for the buck.
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    I'd go custom

    but for the price of a strong ,vicious,IF,seven ,vulture ,etc(frame only) konas look very appealing

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    Haven't shopped around but I'd look for these qualities,
    #1 Slack headtube angle(67 or 68 degrees with a 5 inch fork)
    #2 Rigid swingarm(look at the size of a Stinky compared to anything else,A Dawg has as big a swingarm as most DH bikes)
    #3 Seatpost that goes all the way up and down
    #4 Coil springs( I can hardly get myself to check tire pressure,much less suspension)

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    Kona is my #1 choice, but if I had to I would buy a Banshee.
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    ...but they are designed really similarly to Kona's. Transition certainly isn't catering to the gucc crowd or gram counters who are always saying shite like "yeah, I'm trying to get my FR bike down to 32 lbs...." Their bikes ride really well, are super durable and they're overbuilt for most applications - just like Kona's. Perfect for me.

    I'm gonna jump ship this year to another brand (blasphemy - I know) for a change of scenery (I'll keep one of my kona's) and I really hope that I don't regret it. My expectations for how well a bike should ride and hold up are really high!


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