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    Help my 04 Dawg come to a stop

    Looking to upgrade the brakes on my 04 Kona Dawg, and looking for some advice. I want to stick to Hydro disc brakes and need help on choicing a system that WORKS WELL!!! The current Hayes HFX-9 are nothing but headaches. The El Camino's have kinda caught my attention but after the experience I've had with my Hayes I think I might want to stay clear of them. Curious to see what you guys would suggest I go with to compliment my Dawg. Also since I'm upgrading should I fork out the extra cash and hook up some 8" rotors?? Thanks for the help in advance.

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    If money weren't a consideration....

    ....I'd go with the Avid Juicy 7's. They're sweet looking, they feel great, are easy to adjust and they put a lot of thought into bleeding system - which is one of my complaints with Hayes. The El Camino's look good too, but I don't know anyone riding them yet. I think the Avid's have eclipsed the other brakes out there.

    As far as the size of your rotors, I'm 99% sure that you can't fit an 8" rotor on the rear (6" is the biggest, I think) as it'll come in contact with the chainstay. To be honest, it isn't all that important on the back. If you have a fork that will allow an 8" rotor in the front, do it. It's a huge upgrade for high speed riding and you won't ever reconsider going back after you do. Some fork manufacturers (e.g. Fox) tell you not to run an 8" rotor on their fork so you should check that before you order it.


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    My .02... My '04 Dawg Primo came with the XT discs. They seem to work pretty good but I havn't tried anything else plus they use mineral oil vs. the nasty DOT stuff.

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    I would go with the Avid Juicy 7's as well. I have used them when I ride a friends bike and they are awesome.
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    Deore Hydro

    I've been happy with the Deore Hydros that came on my 03 Dawg, I upgraded to 185mm rotors front and rear and that helped a lot on the extended downhills. BTW: I weigh in around 215-220 with gear. I don't think a ~200mm rotor would fit on the back though, it is getting close to rubbing with the 185mm.

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    avid juicy 7s

    8" in the front... for those forks that cant hack it, look for a coverter or have one fabricated. amazing stopping power, but you have to find out if you really need it. are you really cooking, or do you just want your bike to look cool.

    8" in rear cant happen.

    thats all i ahve to say, enjoy your dawg.

    by the way im crazy dont listen to a word i say.
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