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    Dawg or Dawg deelux ?

    I am riding for a few months and want to upgrade to a full suspension.
    I do mainly technical singletracking and XC (to reach the singles ...).
    I wonder if the extra $$$ for the deelux do worth it ?
    I believe the deelux are lighter ?
    What about the fork and shocks ?


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    Wink There are some worth while differences

    I was in your position early this spring and I decided to go with the Dee-Lux. Main reason was I wanted the better componentry and upgrading later is the expensive way to do it by far. That and the re-sale is never as good for a lesser model with upgrades that match the higher model IMO anyway. The suspensions are different. The standard Dawg uses a Float R shock and the Dee-Lux uses the Float RP3. This gives you a little lever in front of the rebound adjustment that is used for the "ProPedal" adjustment. It has 3 positions for setting the amount the shock is "active" from a plush or more active setting to the full propedal position that locks out the shock more. The shock still works it just takes more of a hit to induce the initial travel. This reduces pedal bob greatly.

    Upfront is a bigger difference between the two. The Dawg uses the Marzocchi 120mm fork and the Dee-Lux uses the Fox Float R 130mm. The Marzocchi gets decent reviews but the Fox has gotten raving reviews and is probably the single largest contributer in the lighter weight between the two models. My Dee-Lux with Legg Beaters weighs in at 30 lbs. The standard Dawg is a couple pounds heavier I believe.

    Both bikes use XT RD but the Dee-Lux has a LX FD and shifters. Again a bit of an upgrade. The Dee-Lux also has a better rim and crankset. Add it all up and you have far more than the $500 difference in upgrades and it's lighter too. All that and the silver blue color and graphics are ultra-cool.

    Either way though your getting a top notch frame set and a better bike than most out there so you really can't go wrong with either. Good luck and hope to see pics of it soon.
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    get it if you can...

    I'm gonna get a regular dawg pretty soon, but only 'cause I can't afford the DL. If you can swing the price, the DL has a lot of upgrades considering the amount of extra money you're spending...get it if you can. Or, if it doesn't make too much of a difference to you, go for the Dawg and spend the extra dough you're saving on other gear or to fund trips to the trailhead.


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