I have a 2004 Dawg Deelux that I have had new since Aug. 2004. I was lucky I was able to Pro deal the bike when I lived in New Jersey. I live just outside of Boulder in Colorado now. I have changed everything on the bike except the front derailer and the brake calipers and master cylinders because the parts wore out or I wanted something that was lighter and worked better for what I used the bike for. I have always loved this bike, but after 2,500 miles the shock and fork needed some work. I took them to Push which is only 20 miles from my house and let them work on them. To say the difference is dramatic is an understatement.

They claimed it would make a difference in alot of different ways and it did, but it does many other things they didn't tell me. I also put a Chris King headset in it at the same time.

1) The bike is very quite now. The only noise it makes is the tires going over the rocks.
2) The bike turns much quicker. That includes switch backs and high speed turns.
3) It made the bike roll much faster. I only got them back last Wednesday and have ridden it twice. It still surprises me, in a very good way.
4) It has better traction going uphill on loose rocks and sand.
5) I don't hit the bashring or pedals nearly as much.
6) There is absolutely no pedal bob.
7) It makes it alot easier to control braking when decending on loose terain.
8) It climbs like a tractor over big rocks at low speeds. That is one of the most noticable things.
9) I am going faster but I have so much more control it makes everything go by at a slower pace.
10) I feel like I paid money to improve my riding. It has definately taken me to the next level as far as skill is concerned.

If this is something you are thinking about doing give them a call and talk it over with them. This is all they do and they are very good at it. I would let them work on my suspension over and over again.