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    Justin Vander Pol
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    05 Stinky Dee / Supreme for freeride

    I'm seriously considering getting a Stinky, and its impossible to test ride the Supreme's. Does anyone know how the Dee Lux handles verses the Supreme for Northwest style freeriding? 8" of travel, floating brake and the better 888 look tempting on the supreme, but I'm worried that the chainstays/wheelbase are longer than I'd like on technical trails. Maybe the Dee is a better bet, and I'll just upgrade the 888 cartridges. Bike will be used on earn-your-turns technical freeriding (NShore and similar WA stuff) and at Whistler.

    Its a bit hard to compare the geometry numbers on the Kona website since the seat angles are very different. Wheelbase isn't listed, does anyone know them?

    Pro's: 8" travel, HSCV valving, floating rear brake
    Con's: interupted seat post bad for climbing, need to jimmy up a granny ring, super slack, long wheelbase, $$$

    Dee Luxe
    Pro's: front der, full seat extension, tighter handling, less cheddar
    Cons: 888 = jrT, less travel, brake jack??? (I hear Dee's are ok on this front)

    I'm also considering a VP Free, but Kona does a lot to support advocacy around here, so I'd like to plant myself firmly on a Kona.

    Thanks for the input y'all-

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    Just roll it......
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    Dude, get one of both!!!


    I think that if you're talking about making a big step up from your current rig then that is the Stinky Supreme baby. Who cares if you'll need to push up Fromme?!?! That thing will kick so much arse it won't even be funny. Seriously, I think the Stinky Dee is too similar to your current bike (albeit a tad bit burlier) to warrant purchasing it. Go with the Supreme!! :-)

    I have no info. on wheelbases or how well they ride, but a couple of the dudes on the bigbikes list ride older ones. You should ask them.


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    Justin Vander Pol
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    EB, I hear you on that. I'm not too worried about climbing since I do xc epics with you guys on a 35+ lb bike. Its more about tight turning on the skinny corners, log U-turns and other goodies up in them thar hills. I wouldn't want a big ass end falling off the woodwork when it gets tight. It might just come down to the $$ factor and if I need to pay to replace my busted trailbike frame.

    I'm also making the assumption the Supreme is a longer bike since its based on a DH platform, but I could be totally wrong. If that's the case I could get a medium even though I'm long and lanky. On the flip side, the keep it simple stupid side of me says just get a Dee-Lux.

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