'05 Stinky ($1900) --or-- '05 Coiler ($1600) with '04 Boxxer Race ($500) dual crown fork?

'05 Stinky's got dual crown fs 7/7 eom bash guard & two chain rings, about 41#

'05 Coiler's got triple chaing ring, single crown fs 6/6, about 36# (?)

I'm looking buy an all-mountian fs bike that can be DH raced, at Beginner (& later Sport) Level around NorCal (Downieville DH, TWW Groovty Games, Santa Theresa, Mammoth, blah blah), but that can climb (however slowly) and sprint with triple rings, on the local hills. I'm thinking of buying a new Coiler before mid-May, for "all-mt. riding," then later install a '04 Boxxer Race double-crown fork for DHR.

I will keep my hardtails for xc racing.