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    04 Kikapu Deluxe with PUSHED Shock

    This is with the stock Propedal Shock pushed with the Platform Kit.


    Prior to being pushed

    My weight: 160lbs
    Shock air volume: 150lbs
    Rebound Setting: 4-5 clicks out from full slow
    Ride quality: somewhat harsh on successive small hits and "kicked" some when pedaling over rocks on off-camber terrain.

    After pushing:
    Air Volume: At first, I tried it with 150 and it felt harsh. I thought maybe it needed to break in again. A buddy had a shock pump in his camelbak so I dropped it down to 140 and it came alive.

    Rebound dial: 6 clicks out from full slow does it. It doesn't buck on g outs but, of course
    still using my body and front fork compression and rebound to take these at speed.

    Ride Qualty: Much better. Still has a great pedaling platform so no bob at all. Once you break through that and activate the shock, it is more linear and smoother through the midrange. Haven't doesn't bottom but based on the spacer, is using all the travel.

    Pedaling over off camber technical is much smoother and it doesn't "kick" like it did before. I feel that I'm getting all the travel there is to get

    Verdict: Good. Although (sorry, PUSH), I really wouldn't bother doing it on a short travel bike like this. I think it would have a greater effect on a 5+" travel bike.

    I'm happy with it though, it IS smoother.

    dk out
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    What is this whole thing about PUSH? Are they a company that rebuilds Fox shocks or something?
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    Yeah, they custom valve it for you.

    Darren Murphy started the company a little while ago (1.5 years ago??) and is revalving peoples Fox shocks and forks for them. He is a supsension guru and was one of the main designers behind the Romic Twin Tube shock. They custom valve the fork for the bike, the rider, type of riding the person does, etc.....pretty trick overall. You can search the forums to read rider reviews on them (they're all over the place) and hop on their site to learn more about them.

    I agree with the earlier comment that the difference is probably more noticeable with a bike with bigger travel. While it has definitely improved the performance of my Bear quite a bit, my Stinky rides like a completely different bike with the revalved shock. Without a doubt, it's a great upgrade if someone's thinking about getting a new rear shock. They also are revalving Fox Forx now, but I don't know anyone that's done that yet.


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    Great report man! I thought of doing the same thing for my '04 King Kik, but I found an AVA sleeve for cheap and slapped that on my Float RL instead.
    I'm no suspension guru, but I feel the AVA made my travel much more linear without introducing any bob. I now get full travel out of my shock and at only 3.5" I need all I can get Now if I could only figure out how to get my Kona to be more active while braking...


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