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    Ever had one of "those" rides.... (x-posted to Passion)

    Well, I just did.

    What a mess. I hit the ground 2 times and clipped trees 4 times within 5km of starting. And when I mean clip a tree, I mean leave skin behind from arm/elbow/shoulder kind of clip. Rode like a total Noob - see a tree, look at tree - hit said tree. My buddy riding behind was in tears - said I looked like I had never been on a bike before - bouncing off both sides of the trail, hips on vacation, head bolted straight on and not moving...

    Ran into some other members of my crew all out sessioning the DH bikes on the large bermed flowy part of the local XC trails - they took one look at me and you could see the communal WTF look - told them that I took the training wheels off too early and had had a few issues. Detailed my ride ( backed up helpfully by my buddy who mentioned we had only done 5K - thanks) and my efforts at manually bulldozing the flora... One of the crew who is injured but out riding contrary to Drs orders - healing separated shoulder and then a newly broken thumb that shoulder doc knows nothing about - known in the crew as Johnnie-Crash (one fast 40 year old tho) just looks at me with a big grin and says "Thanks for taking up my slack - I've not gone down since I did my thumb in a couple weeks ago"...

    I figured the cycling gods were trying to tell me something so I called it a day....

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    In our group rides we call it a Lucky Day and the trail will be renamed after you,
    its a crash cycle among our ridemates,
    If you crash today then someone else should be crashing the next time,
    It's just sucks if it happens to be your turn
    Good thing is, there's no broken bones
    When trails gets tougher, Just stand up and deliver.

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    sounds like you were too sober...
    "Mi amor Nuevo Miércoles!"

    -cabra cadabra

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    Must have been one of those days. I went out yesterday with a buddy for a loop on one of may favourite trails and I could barely stay on the bike. Went from some of the best rides of my life at Whistler last week to feeling like I had never ridden a bike before. No crashes luckily, but several close calls and I think I'm responsible for single-handedly creating half a dozen new braid lines because I couldn't make a corner to save my life. Some days you've got it, and some days you REALLY don't.

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    Ive learned the hard way that when I'm not feeling it, to just take it easy and listen to my inner Urkle... There's always next time.

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    Yea, I've fallen to the 'funk' on occasion. I think its a snowball effect, where you make a silly mistake and then try to stop making mistakes by thinking too much and in turn, pushing you into more mistakes.

    I've learned to take it easy and remind myself that if you break your leg, you won't be able to ride next week and make up for your crappy outing.

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    I had one of those in April... Broke big toe by crushing nail, bucked over bars on a wheelie drop chin into ground... On trail I ride at least 1x a week. Just a horrible no good bad ride, don't know what was going on but my juju was definitely off. Every now and then you have one of those rides, stuff that never phases you or JRAs just popping up everywhere.

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    look further down the trail, always helps me.

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