• 07-15-2011
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    Delirium really is "the one"
    Hey everyone,

    I have been riding the Delirium since October and I am impressed with this bike. When I looked at Knolly's website and it said the Delirium can be "the One" bike, I was skeptical. How can a 36-38 pound bike be good for everything?

    I have been running my large Delirium with a Fox RC4 and 180 Float RC2 with the shock adjustment in the middle position. This set up has been great for downhill and good for the uphill stuff. I have done rides with 5000 vertical feet of climbing and around 28 miles long with this set up in 2x9 without a problem.

    Since the 180 needed some warranty work from Fox I installed the Float 160 RLC that will eventually go on the Chilcotin. I did not expect the Delirium to work so well with the 160 installed and the shock in the top position. It is now a true AM trail machine. The changes were as you would expect with better climbing position and quicker steering. The thing that really blows me away is that the bike is amazing in both configurations for an aggressive rider. Way to go Knolly!

    Picture with the 160 installed.
  • 07-15-2011
    yep, since i am waiting for a chilcotin as well, i have been going back and forth between 180 and 160 fork. I second that it handles amazingly well either way. Also been swapping bars, wheels, air shock, etc.... The delirium is the one bike but I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE A CHILCOTIN SOON!!!!, setting the delirium up in light mode, I have it just under 32 lbs and I figure with the chilly frame being a pound and a half lighter, it will be right at 30 lbs and that way the delirium can go back to big boy mode.
  • 07-15-2011
    ...and I split the difference with a 170mm lyrik coil.

    Steep is great for the flat pedally bits, and then slack for fun time.

  • 07-15-2011
    Yep. I rallied the **** out of a Delirium with a 170mm Lyrik and an RP23 all over Whistler for a week last summer. I was blown away. The only stuff I hesitated on were the full-on DH tracks. Then we went up to Pemby and climbed 3000ft of singletrack without issue. Super cool bike.
  • 07-15-2011
    I was going to go with the Delirium after all my research but I don't want to wait any more so I am now going with the Mojo HD.
    Glad you are enjoying yours!
  • 07-16-2011
    Rich from CT
    Yeah Bubba i have Delirium with carbon bars and crank, 2010 180 van, ccdb with with heavier rims & tires (37.2LBS) and still managing to keep up with my AM buddies on the climbs. As far as the FR DH stuff goes, its a machine no doubt!
  • 07-16-2011

    Originally Posted by flowtron View Post
    ... went up to Pemby and climbed 3000ft of singletrack without issue. Super cool bike.

    Woot...Gonna go do this today!

    I must admit...i think I preferred the delerium with the 160 Float (vs the 180). Sure I have ridden some DH trails that I wouldnt have hit with the 160...however...geometry wise, it felt more balanced with the 160.
  • 07-20-2011
    Yes, it is.

    Nice to see people appreciate this, in fact I'ma go do that now :D