XCT1 warranty info

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  • 01-02-2014
    XCT1 warranty info
    Trying to figure out if my 2010 XCT1 falls under the 2 or 5 year warranty. I'm not really in a good situation right now, bike was bought in the US and I'm stationed in Korea right now. I don't have a local dealer, I might, but I really don't read Korean to even find one from the Jamis international site.

    Jamis XCT1 by terrasmak

    Defective weld, found this when I was about to lube my chain. Will try call Jamis before long, of course the time zone thing kinda sucks for this too.
  • 01-04-2014
    Why not contact Jamis directly and find out?

    Here is a contact link

    Good luck

  • 01-04-2014
    I think you may be out of luck, sorry man. Rear shock is 130, right? Looks like a 2 year warranty.


    1) Warranty coverage on bicycle frames and rigid forks extends for the lifetime of the bicycle while owned by the original retail purchaser, except for the following bicycles:

    a) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of 5" or less: 5 years
    b) Full suspension bicycles with rear suspension travel of more than 5": 2 years
    c) Komodo and Kromo bicycles: 5 years
  • 01-22-2014
    Got the rear triangle in the mail today. I'll tear it all part tomorrow and will be riding again this weekend. Hopefully no more snow this week, and my neighbors bike will be here from Germany on Friday. Going to be a great weekend.
  • 01-22-2014
    Did you get it warrantied or have to pay? If I recall, Jamis counts 130mm as 5" since I had inquired about my XCT3 Carbon and they told me I had 5 years.