XCR 29 or XCT 650

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  • 04-10-2013
    XCR 29 or XCT 650
    trying to decide between these two bikes... i am on a jamis d29 right now that i am keeping and am just going to add a full squish. wanting the bike to have a little more fun and play time on the trail...but in that same thought, i am possibly wanting to race it on the rougher courses or longer distance rides...
    any feedback would be great
    XCR 29er 100 mm

    XCT 650 130MM
  • 04-11-2013
    I have the 2013 XCT 650b pro. I LOVE it. It is so fricken fun. I also have a D29 Pro as well for my race bike.
  • 04-23-2013
    The new 650B Pro is such a gorgeous bike. That would be my choice. 29" wheels plus FS just don't seam to mix in my eyes. In fact, my goal is to save up for the 650 Comp (can't afford the Pro) for next season. Good luck!
  • 04-30-2013
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    If that is a carbon bike let me show you my experience with Jamis carbon in the last four months. The warranty is two years, I think Jamis was going to just replace the chainstay for as long as the warranty lasted then I would be screwed. Each time it broke I lost two weeks of riding. I finally got tired of that and bought a new frame. Jamis claims there is no issue with the chainstay. The frame now sits, completely useless.

    First chainstay. Bike was less than one hour old, ridden around the block and over a couple curbs. Clearly a manufacturing/design issue. Since the bike was brand new it wasn replaced with a completely new bike.
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    Second chainstay, one week old, bonded bushing broke loose. Another manufacturing/design issue. There is no aluminum dropout plate there, just carbon fiber and epoxy with a wimpy aluminum bushing.
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    Third chainstay, maybe six rides, no big crash
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    Fourth chainstay, three rides, no crashes, in the exact same spot as the first. Perhaps there is a problem there?
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    One other thing, since there is no dropout plate, only carbon, the axle on every chainstay was slowly digging into the carbon. Each time I rode the bike I had to tighten the thru-axle about 1/16 - 1/8 turn. All of the chainstays broke before it was a real problem, but if they had lasted it would have probably been an issue not too far down the road.

    I weigh 170 and don't ride that hard. New frame, no more problems. At least the parts were good and most of them transferred.
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  • 04-30-2013
    thats just horrible.
  • 02-14-2014
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    After keeping you in suspense for about 10 months this is what happened.
    I got the 650. Bad ass fun bike. However, after riding the d29 for so long it just seemed small and was really slack. so i got rid of it and was able to get the 2012 xcr pro. should have went with my gut to begin with and got the '13 xcr.

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    Im slowly upgrading the spec on the xcr. bars stem brakes saddle crank and rear der. have all been changed.
  • 02-18-2014
    I got the '12 XCR Pro as well. Great bike so far. It's pretty light and I really enjoy the ride. I'm over 220 lbs. geared up and haven't had any cracks in 4 months of riding on a large frame. Not many rocks around here to crash on to impact damage the carbon. Warranty is 5 years for 100 mm travel FS bike from Jamis so I figured if it was an issue I would find out quick and if not and I got 5 years with no issues it would last much longer. My last carbon trek fuel 98 that I just came off of was 10 years with no issues with the carbon. From my understanding most all of the carbon frame bikes from reputable bike companies come from only a few manufacturers in China and Taiwan anyway.