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    Upgrading an old XCR Pro

    There were about 5 forums here I could have posted this, but I'm hoping I can get more detailed info from those who love Jamis

    I have a 2007 XRC Pro, 98% XTR. I've worn out my chainrings and they are not available new.

    This is a 26" wheel, 13" frame bike. I built it because after the specs were released on it, Jamis decided the 13" market was too small for such an expensive bike, so I had to change my order to frame-only. I had to order a different front derailleur due to the frame geometry (still XTR but not a normal pull, I can find the specs buried in my drawer or take a pic). Also I worked at a shop at the time, so it was EP'd and I hope that explains why it's so tough for me to easily replace such a light bike that I got at a great deal. They are hard to find out there used, I do keep looking.

    My fork is a few years old and the shock was rebuilt last winter.

    I have a friend with some older group sets and we thought we could change it over to a 2x

    We went through his parts last week, and all of his cranks are 175, and I need 170.

    My options seem to be: a 3 chainring set from Wickwerks, along with new cassette, chain and recabling the bike. Probably the simplest repair.

    Then I found 2x conversion sets from Wickwerks. I could go to a 10 or 11 speed then (I'd need a new free hub for my wheel for the 11 speed)


    At this point though, I've seen conflicting info on needing to change the shifters to a 2x10 or 11 set. And derailleurs too. Some say yes, others say you can limit the travel on the current ones.

    I also found an M9000 double at the right length for under $200, but I'd still need to know about the shifters. And the bottom bracket isn't included, so I'd need to make sure mine is compatible - which I think it is....

    Most of my friends parts seem to be in the M9000 and M9020 series. He did have some random 980, 985 and 986 stuff, but only a couple of pieces, I'm not even sure there were full shifter sets for those. But I think there are for the M9xx's

    Would love any thoughts - winter is coming and I need a disc brake bike to survive Thanks all!!

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    Why not do a 1 x conversion. toss the front derailleur, toss the left shifter. Install a 10spd rear derailleur and shifter, put a wolf tooth chain ring on and a shimano 11 -42 cassette.

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    Ah the one thing I left out! I don't want a 1x. I ride on varied enough terrain that I do use all 3 rings. I think I'd be struggling with only 10 speeds.

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