• 03-01-2019
    Online Source for Jamis Bikes and Frames?
    Any online sources for purchasing Jamis bikes and/or frames? Either current or earlier year's models would be fine.
  • 04-03-2019
    Most Bicycle companies do not allow online sales of current models, if they do you would have to pick up in the store. Check out Jenson, they sometimes have new older stock on their site.
  • 06-22-2019
    Bought 2 Jamis's here over the last few years: Adventure Cycle Bicycle Store, Jamis Bicycles Canada

    Service was always great.

    However, incredibly bad customer support from Jamis (long story, had to contact the company's CEO to get their customer service to admit they were wrong...).

    RBInc. did what they could, but not buying again from a brand that offers crappy customer service (and does not stand behind its dealers).