My brand new dakota-
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    My brand new dakota

    hi all, nice to finally find a jamis forum,

    about 3 months ago i bougth my first new bike for a long time, i was goin to buy a TREK or SCOTT, and alot lesser bike than i ended up buying, but then i walked past a jamis dealer, and saw the 2011 durango3, up here there was no doubt that it wast the best specced bike in its price range,

    i tested the bike and realy liked it, and when i walking around the store i saw this other jamis bike that i did not see the first time (really simular paint job) named the dakota dcx race

    i talked to the salesman and he told me that it was a 2010 model they hadn't sell, and he offered me a nice discount so i bougth the bike, having never so much as heard about it before.

    now i biked over 300 miles on it, in most conditions, summer, ice, snow and icelands signurate weather heavy wind and rain, and i am so pleased with this bike, its realy ligth, strong and eats whatever i throw at it

    i live in iceland, and though most of my biking is just to work, and to my workshop to work on my camaro, the weather conditions and landscape over here makes sure you sweat, everything here is eather downhill or upphill.
    the weather here can get pretty rough, and with the add of deep snow, frost and heavy wind your normal route can be nothing like it was the day before

    here are few pics.. cheers!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My brand new dakota-myndir-af-soff%EDur%FAn-og-j%FAl%EDu-d%EDs-636.jpg  

    My brand new dakota-myndir-af-soff%EDur%FAn-og-j%FAl%EDu-d%EDs-646.jpg  

    My brand new dakota-myndir-af-soff%EDur%FAn-og-j%FAl%EDu-d%EDs-642.jpg  

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    Great looking bike! You're going to love it. I have a new steel Dragon 29 Sport and they're great bikes. Even better, if you ever have any issues with the bike, Jamis has had solid customer service with the few small problems I have had. Enjoy the bike. Now, go out and get some dirt on it!

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    thanks man, i must admit this is one of the nicer frames i've seen, and i see that people realy gife a second look when i ride past them,

    its realy dirty now, found a nice trail few yards from my work :P but i am goin to clean it though

    i have not found a single test on this bike on the web, are those bikes not that common? i would realy like to see som review

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