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    Komodo Info

    hey guys,
    i posted in the thread about showing the komodos, but no replies.
    can you guys give me any input on the komodo?
    you can read my other thread for a little more info as to what and why im looking for what i am, but if you have any questions, please ask.
    for a short summary, i am looking for a good do it all bike, but coming from a bmx and motocross background, ill definitely be jumping more than xc. im leaning towards more of a AM style bike, but still able to do it all, but also for a good price...

    do you guys have any info/reviews on it? also what are the ups and downs to the bike?
    thanks a ton

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    Hey, if you look up the 'lets see some komodos' thread, you can find heaps of reviews of komodos.

    I've had mine for almost a year now and I find it to be a solid all-around bike. Geared as a freeride HT but it's a rocking trail bike and I throw it off some DJs when I can. It's a little heavy but I don't have to worry about *****-footing around on it.

    Alright, so, ride review: This bike is pretty burly, at first it surprised me because I'd read how "flickable" it was, and my initial thought was "No way" but the more I ride and get used to pulling the back end up, it loves to catch air. By the end of today, I was doing tail whips, which I've never done before. Sadly I had no photographer at that point :/ So, jumping wise, it's one of the best bikes I've ever ridden, amazing bang for the buck.
    Trail riding is also a blast with it, it's confidence inspiring, even as just a hardtail it likes to just truck through the rough stuff, but with the right amount of stiffness in the rear to be smooth when you want to be. I agree with everyone else though, the fork and the brakes are less than optimum, but then again they're not totally junk either. The brakes stop the bike, the fork absorbs shock, everything works without fault, I suppose it could just work better. I'll definitely be upgrading both as soon as I have the cash.

    All in all, great bike, I feel great having made this purchase and look forward to a long while of good riding on it

    This is a testament to the versatility of the frame. It can be built as a trail bike, AllMountain bike, Freeride bike, DJ bike...anything you want, it'll do. The newer version with the "rifled" top tube is even more versatile with more standover.
    -chelboed (Komodo Expert )

    My old bike was stolen so I figured I'd treat myself to something nice. I wanted something on the cheaper side without effecting quality too much. The 2009 Komodo 1 was on sale through Jenson and I liked everything it had to offer while still being a solid platform for upgrades as my riding progresses. I bought it for some XC/AM action with a lot of urban assault and a little bit of FR/DH thrown in for good measure. I plan on upgrading the fork to a PIKE and the brakes to hydro's but for now it is a VERY capable bike. I ride her hard almost every day and she just wants more. It's a nimble bike even with such a slack head angle and is very controllable in the air. Highly recommended.

    No input on the Komodo from myself, but would highly recommend.

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    Sorry to neglect my most favorite subject. I replied in the Komodo thread as well. The latest Komodo is a fantastic foundation for whatever bike you want. You can XC/AM/FR the exact same frame just by changing out a few things. Sure, it's not going to win the world cup xc spandex show...it won't bring you home the gold at the Red Bull rampage...but it will do everything in between and do it very well.

    It's a tough frame with a really comfy geometry. I built mine as a 160mm 34#freeride bike and did all sorts of stupid drops to flat.

    I built it as a 26#XC bike and mashed my way up many hills.

    Currently, it's a 28# All Mountain shredder with a 95-140mm PIKE and will eat the trail alive. Very comfy, aggressive, and able to drop/jump/climb whatever I want.

    Sadly the newest complete is only offered with one build option and equipped with a less than inspiring fork. The bike will still hold up well, but the magic is still in the frame. Buy it cheap and swap the fork for a nice Argyle RCT or maybe a lyrik, domain, or Marz 55Ti.

    I would love to find another large frame for a price I can afford and tear down my Parker to build another Komodo.

    Did I mention that I've had every rendition of Komodo except for the new rifled TT version? I still have an Easton RAD tubed 1998 Komodo. I have had the 2004 style trail bike. (which rocked as trail bike...very light) My favorite so far is for sure the 2005 that I'm rocking right now. Still plan on snaking a new style frame though some day.

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