Komodo goes 27.5+

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  • 04-20-2016
    Komodo goes 27.5+
    Hope this hasn't been posted already. Apologies if it has.

    JamisŪ Going Deep With Plus Bikes at 2016 Sea Otter Classic
  • 04-23-2016
    Great to see the Komodo name back in use but it's a completely different bike. No more dirt jumper. Now it's the alloy version of the plus sized hardtail.
  • 04-25-2016
    The Komodo Plus looks interesting, but I haven't spent enough time on plus-sized tires to know if it's for me.
  • 11-27-2016

    Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Great to see the Komodo name back in use but it's a completely different bike. No more dirt jumper. Now it's the alloy version of the plus sized hardtail.

    I feel the Komodo Plus bikes are back to what was really intended in the beginning with minimal wandering away from the intended design. Sure, there were a few years that it was a fairly good option for DJ, but it's always been a blue collar trail bike that leaned towards the gnar. It's always been marketed as the long travel hardtail. From 2002-2004, it was the long travel trail bike for its day. From 2005 through 2012, it was basically a freeride/all mountain hardtail. In 08, they rifled the TT, dropped the travel 20mm on one and 50mm on another, but the spirit of the bike remained. I could do the same to mine and put a 100mm Argyle on it, and it wouldn't change the fact that it's an excellent All Mountain Hardtail with a little less travel. I would have to run a small frame with a short Argyle versus my size Large to masquerade as a dirt jumper, but at my height, the ETT would be way too short making the bike a poor excuse for a DJ. In 2012, a short run of a real dirt jumper (Kromo) was introduced in short/ long. When they stated that they took some weight out of the Komodo's rear triangle to boost flickability, Jordie was still riding the Kromo on Dirt jumps...and the Komodo remained available in non-DJ sizes. But the Komodo has always been available in S,M,L frame sizes that can be pedaled all day long and ran hard enough to go all Jinya in between. It's never been a DJ bike. It's a chameleon. A bike that can wear many hats. You can DJ it, FR it, AM it, XC it...it will not excel at any one genre, (though it's most at home as a gnarly trail bike) but allow 1 rider such as myself to experience all of those genres on 1 bike only self-limiting and on a tight budget. The Swiss army knife I suppose.

    My only desire for it all the way back in 2005 was to have clearance for 3" tires. Now it does and I can't wait to get my hands on one. The Geometry is still fairly similar to the 05-12 genre, though the addition of an XL/21" frame was wise.

    Looking back at how mountain biking, bikes, and trail building has changed... you don't necessarily need the 150mm fork today to accomplish the same goal with the plus bike. Big 3" tires with 5" of travel and a 68 degree head angle will blast through the chunk pretty easily.

    So really, comparing the 18.5" 2005 Freeride Hardtail to the 19" 2017 27.5+ version... You get basically the same long travel hardtail that they've had except now you've got some real tires under you with massive traction, superior small bump compliance, and an overall more comfortable ride.

    Just my opinion though.