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    Komodo on a diet.

    Aaaaight...I never thought weight would matter to me again, but I was wrong.

    My Komodo with a Domain weighed in at 31.25lbs. Not bad. I went for a few rides with my normal riding buds and the thing just keeps wearing me out early so I don't have enough energy to have "fun". I don't freeride like I thought I would, so I've decided to make some changes. I rode my crappy bike (26.5lbs) with the same dudes on the same trails and had a freakin' blast b/c I had plenty of energy to launch off stuff here'n'there and wheelie/manual through sections.

    1. I sold the 6" Domain (6.44lbs)
    2. I bought a 5" Fox Float 140RL (3.75lbs)
    3. I changed my Kenda Nevegal config. from 2.5" stick-e front / 2.35 stick-e rear to 2.35 stick-e front / 2.35" DTC rear. (saving 1/2lb of rotating weight and smaller contact patch)
    4. I'm gonna ask my wife and kids for a King headset for my B-Day to replace the CC Tank Hit (saving my another 1/4lb)

    This should bring my overall weight down from 31.25lbs to 27.8lbs give or take. (still working on the motor, but kids take up time) I'm trying to stay in the realms of a "AM-lite" bike. The lock-out will be nice b/c I'll be able to stand and "honk" on the long/boring climbs.

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    Not bad, 28,7 lbs for a strong freerider!
    I think especeally on the tires you can get rid of some weight, especeally when the trails you're riding don't ask for the cushion of a 2,5".
    I'm coming from a pure xc bike and love how the maxxis larssen TT on y komodo smooth out the smaller bumps.
    My Komodo is still with all original parts, once they will fall apart, I think to upgrade, starting with the brakes.

    Any pics of your new configuration?


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    Actually 27.8, not 28.7

    It's not going to be a "Strong Freerider", IMO. It's more of an AM-Lite build with a burlier than necessary frame. The Fox 32 Float is a 9mmQR fork and I consider that "Trail Bike" territory. I'm considering getting a Banshee Viento frame at some point b/c it's a bomber trail bike and would rid another lb of dead weight, but I really love the versatility of the Komodo. If I decide to get crazy again later...I can just throw on a Lyrik or PIKE and beat the crap out of it again.

    Still though...with the build and the Fox 32, it will be strong enough to jump and do small-med drops to smooth tranny and shred the XC.

    I went a little different on tires. I used a Nevegal 2.35" DTC rear with a 2.35" DTC Excavator front. For some reason the Excavators measure more than 2.35" and the Nevegals measure slightly less. The Excavator is also a few oz lighter than the Nevegal...and in my experience...the Excavators have alot more grip.

    My fork won't be here until Tuesday, so no final weight, ride report, or pic's until after then.

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