Jamis XC Comp Fork Travel

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  • 09-06-2008
    Jamis XC Comp Fork Travel
    What for are other XC Comp owners using? I have an '05, bought the frame new last year. I had a Manitou Minute on it but went with a lighter Fox Vanilla R. The Fox travel is 130. I noticed it came originally with a 90 - 120 fork. Thoughts?
  • 09-07-2008
    I still have the original Manitou Black on my XC Comp and after much experimentation, found that the 100mm setting felt most right. At 100mm, the front balances the back end, the fork isn't overly "squishy" feeling, and there isn't an excessive slackening up of the head angle. All that being said, like anything, if you are happy with your set up, be happy & don't worry about what yahoos like me have to say.:thumbsup: