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    Jamis weight questions

    I bought a new 2014 Jamis Trail X 650 from a local bike shop a month ago. This bike is really awesome. I am trying to learn the ins and outs of bikes and I was curious about what determines the weight of a bike when different models have similar frames. The Jamis Dragon 650 sport has a chromoly steel frame and weighs 30.25 lbs. My bike with an aluminum frame weighs 31.5 lbs. I was shocked to see this because I know aluminum is lighter than steel. In contrast the Nemesis 650 sport weighs 31 lbs even and it appears to be the same frame as my bike. As you go up in price you start shaving lbs. Are they shaving weight with lighter frames or is it the components that are lighter such as pedals and rims and tires ect?
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    This isn't really a Jamis-specific question, but in general, lower cost bikes weigh more because the majority of the components are heavier. This includes the frame to some extent, but the pounds really add up from heavier drivetrain, fork, wheels, bars, stem, seatpost, etc, etc. If you really wanted to, you could easily drop some weight by upgrading to better/lighter components.

    There's an old adage about bike parts: You can have it strong, light, and cheap. Pick two.

    I would advise against upgrading just to chase a specific overall weight, especially starting with an entry-level bike like the Trail X. Instead, upgrade parts that will improve your ride and the fun you're having, and/or to replace stuff you've broken. On my first hardtail many years ago, I sprung for a better, longer fork that also happened to be lighter. I loved it and found myself carrying a lot more speed with confidence, so my next upgrade was to a better set of brakes. And on it went from there. Bike legos is pretty addictive. Have fun!

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    Thanks for the info. Is the frame on a bike such as this comparable to the frame on a 1000-1500 hardtail? I know the really expensive bikes are another breed for sure. I enjoy riding this bike and honestly at my skill level I will probably never need a $1500 bike. And I really ain't too concerned about a few lbs but I like to be knowledgable so that's why I asked this question.

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    Tires and tubes can make a lot of difference in the weight. Personally I don't care too much about weight. If I need to drop three pounds off my bike its easier and less expensive for me to lose three pounds. One good ride in the middle of the afternoon will take care of that.
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    If I remember correctly: the difference in weight is probably coming from the wheelset and the fork, and that Reynolds 520 frame the dragon has is no joke.
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    Pre-2009 Cannondale alloy frames are some of the lightest out there.
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