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    Jamis Warranty on Seatpost and seat?

    My son was complaining that his back hurt after rides. I took off the seat and post and noticed the post was bent backwards a little and the seat was leaning to the right. You could see where the plastic was turning white from the stress.

    My son is pretty lightweight and rides pretty smooth and no wipe outs yet.

    Do you think Jamis will warranty it? Bike is less than 6 months old. Trail X3.0
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    Definitely give it a shot. It will probably all come out to the local rep's discretion on the item. If they have had issues with posts bending, etc... it would likely be no problem. If the seat is on the post and shows no buffs or scars, etc... that is in your favor. Sometimes production has a "series" type of flaw - like C'Dale and the "F" series - many of them have poorly machined seat tubes and the posts go in easy, but as soon as the clamp is tightened, it will scar when removed. Honing helps most of the time - but C'Dale is paying for replacement posts if needed... Hopefully Jamis will take care of you. If your son is a 100-pounder (or whatever) document his weight with the post. If the bike is also really clean, well-taken care of, take the entire bike in to have the rep see it. If the bike looks beat, it's against you, if it looks clean and easily ridden, it will help your cause.
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