• 07-20-2009
    Jamis service and 2nd hand bikes question...
    So I've been reading about broken chain stays and how well Jamis takes care of their customers. I am wondering if this service applies to 2nd owners.

    Scenario: I am considering a trade involving a 2005 Dakar Anniversary frame/custom build. Current owner bought the frame new, "dealer blowout", in 2007 and may or may not have receipt, I haven't asked yet.

    I would hate to work this deal, have the frame/chain stay crack, then not be able to take care of it. Right now, the frame is in excellent condition and has no issues.

    Is it possible/practical/helpful to re-enforce/gusset the chain stay?

  • 08-03-2009
    Jamis has been great! :cool: They have helped me in many ways, and keep me riding Jamis bikes!!! They have gone way above and beyond any level of customer service that I could expect from any company! It really depends on your dealer, if they want to warranty the bike or not.
    I have snapped a few chainstays, and they have done a redesign, so we will see if this one is better. usually only a few days down time.
    I am a machinist by trade, and would not weld, or reinforce the chainstay.
    weld will weaken the aluminum, and a composite wrap will hide the new crack if it happens.

    I ride a 2006 Dakar XC Comp. for XC
    I am upgrading to the XAM for aggresive riding. :thumbsup: