I got a great deal on a jamis Durango sx bike, picked it up really cheap a a goodwill. its a 2005. Upon close inspection I noticed what I think is a small hairline crack in the frame not sure if stress, or paint chip for sure i am not expert, it is on the piece that the front fork goes into(sorry I am not very technical). I imagine this could be from some very offroad riding, the bike seems to ride great, the crack seems small and not growing no weird noises or anything. If I plan on basically just road riding it and not doing anything too hardcore how major of a concern should this be? Obviously if the crack got longer/wider I would assume it was a bigger deal. For what I paid even if the frame is trashed the rest of the parts alone was worth it I will just invest in a good frame.
I was wondering if anyone was familiar on how to adjust the handlebars on these bikes? Is there a way to adjust them higher? Iím not very familiar with a bike like this.