... but it isn't here yet. I took advantage of the closeout JensonUSA had on the '08 OEM Parker I framesets and snatched myself up a size large, and I also picked up a '08 Manitou Minute MRD TPC, 100mm travel, with the hex-lock 20mm through axle, on closeout at Cambria Bike for $350. I've got an old GT with a bunch of good parts on a frame that no longer gives me the confidence to do anything except pedal leisurely (or coast) in a straight line, so it's getting taken completely apart to donate most of the parts to the Parker frame. I may just make a lamp out of the old fork
at any rate, I'm making myself a 1x9 4x bike/play bike of sorts. something I can just screw around on, and race 4x with up at snowshoe this summer. I could do without the gawdawful claw-your-eyes-out-whlist-puking shade of blue Manitou decided to paint the lowers on the MRD Minute, but not a whole lot I can do about that right now. should still be pretty aggro geometry with a 100mm fork, since the a2c on the Minute 100mm travel is a mere 12mm shorter than the a2c of the fork the Parker geometry was measured with, which I'm guessing would steepen all the angles by a half degree, and drop the BB by a few tenths of an inch. once everything shows up, I'll put pics up