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    Highpoint/ Komodo

    Thoughts on the Highpoint or Komodo as a beginner bike? I used to ride years ago and am just starting back into it. I will be riding Westwood Park in Mt Airy, NC, and Moore's Spring Trails near Hanging Rock State park most often.

    I'm near 40, active but busted up pretty good and need to drop 20 pounds. I plan to take it slow, but I know myself well enough that I must admit I will probably push things and get in over my head.

    I want to stick to Jamis bikes for the time being, but if there is another Jamis I should look at, feel free to advise.

    I figure both these bikes have good geometry, and parts can be upgraded along the way... things like a dropper and fork...

    I'm coming from an old school 26inch with 1.95 tires. I rode a Rocky mountain pipeline 27.5+ bike a bit. We locked out the rear suspension to give it a bit more of a hard tail feel, and I think those plus tires really absorbed some of the shock.

    Anyway, please advise... share experiences... whatever floats your boat.

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    First: ride both and see what feels best to you.

    I think it depends on what you prefer fit-wise. The Highpoint has a much taller stack height. I love tall stack bikes because I have long legs. My saddle has to be high, so my bars have to be high as well for proper fit to my own body.

    The Komodo has a really low stack height. Large is 578mm. Hightpoint is 653mm. I'm almost wondering if that's a type-o on the Komodo because a 27.5+ bike should accomodate a 29x2.25 that the Highpoint is spec'd with. That's what's nice about 650b+ bikes....you can go back'n'forth if you want. So the Komodo should have a taller stack IMO.

    The Dragonslayer 27.5+ is 635mm which sounds about right for a Large. I can't imagine the Komodo being so low...sub-600.

    Also kinda depends on the price range of models you're looking into.

    In my opinion, plus hardtails are where it's at. When I went 29+, I got rid of my dually and rarely ride my normal hardtail. The grip and rollover are great, and lower psi takes the sting outta the trail. Low maintenance...all good things.

    So if you like a taller bike...I'd spend a few extra bucks and grab the Dragonslayer. The steel frame is more compliant, and geometry is a little more upright so you won't feel like your handlebars are down by your knees.

    If you're a shorter fella...the Komodo may be just right for you.

    I've got a 26er with a stack height of 609mm and I'm still using a 50mm riser bar with a 6deg rise stem, and about 38mm of stack above an external headset. But I'm around 6'1"-6'2" with a long inseam at 34.5-35". So like I said...my saddle is high, so I need my bars high too.

    Go plus though...it's fantastic!

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    Im short... 5 foot 7ish... I buy 30 inch inseam pants and cut a few inches off.It looks like Im between small and medium frames. Hard to find hard tails to demo, but I am going to Charlotte Whitewater center this weekend for their Outdoor Market. There are supposed to be a bunch of bikes there to demo, so I will get a better feel for things then.

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    So, I just took possession of a HiJack small frame. I have not been able to get it on a trail yet, and it is supposed to rain the rest of the week, so it may be a while. I did get to ride it a bit while waiting on my girlfriend to come pick me up... yeah... a few blocks from the bike shop, my Honda blew a torque converter, so it got towed to the shop,and my dear woman got to drive an hour to pick me up.

    My initial impression is mixed.

    Critiques first:

    The paint job is a matte finish and the website sure makes it look glossy. I don't care, but some people might.

    The factory pedals are crappy nylon, so I had the lbs put some race face pedals on before I left the store. I knew it came with nylon pedals, but i figured they would be a bit better than they were.

    I took it for a test ride and about a block away, I noticed a clicking in the pedals. When I got back, we put it up on the rack and pulled the bottom bracket apart. It had 2 spacers on one side and none on the other. It was tightened down super tight, but was not engaged properly. My lbs guy took it apart and put it back together correctly. I haven't noticed any issues since.


    Glad I got a small as I think I will be able to toss it around

    Tires have tons of grip and ate up everything I threw at it. Granted I was jumping curbs and riding in a city park, but it handled things much better than my ancient Mongoose.

    Everything feels strong. It feels like I can go beat the hell out of it and it will keep going.

    The saddle was comfy...

    I cant wait to get out and give it a go!

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