• 11-12-2008
    Does anyone know the mounting/hardware kit for rear shock?
    I have a 2003 Jamis Dakar Sport.

    It is for a manitou air shock. S type sr spv. What size do I need? I think Universal carrys them. Or how do i measure what i need?

  • 11-13-2008
    3 things you need to know:

    1) eyelet size of the shock (Manitou's are 12mm, you should be able to use Manitou, or Rock Shox Ario/MC mounts)

    2) Diameter of bolt hole in frame (I'm pretty sure this is 6mm)

    3) Width of each mounting point. (I think the front one on the top tube is 22.2 and rear is 24.6 but measure to be sure)