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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Clicking on pedal rotation... help!

    Hey so I recently bought a 2013 D29 Team and after a few rides I've begun to hear a clicking noise on a pedal rotation, similar to pedalling backwards but not as frequent or as loud. Almost sounds like a creaking. It doesn't effect my ride at all its just the noise that concerns me. I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about, and what part might be causing it. The noise is happening around the front gears / pedal crank, however I don't know the exact culprit. Let me know if you need more info.

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    Probably just a little dirt/debris in the BB area. Try removing the cranks and clean everything to make sure it's clear of dirt/debris. Then lightly grease everything and reassemble.

    That process will fix most creaky crank issues.

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    I had this same problem. It turned out that I had some play between the bottom bracket and non-drive side crank arm. I ended up upgrading the BB and Crankset (the stock was 8 years old). The new parts are quiet. I probably ruined the original crank arm by over-tightening IMO

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