• 02-10-2013
    Am I spoiled? Komodo vs XAM
    So for the last 4 years, I have had nothing but a full suspension bike. First a Mongoose Teocali, then I sold it and got a Jamis Parker 2. Gave that to my wife and built up an XAM. When I built my XAM, I went full coil, almost DH build. Used it all last year with that set up, but it was over kill for the local trails, so I decided to build a Komodo to use as a jump bike for Rays MTB and the easier local trails.

    The problem is, I took the Komodo to Rays MTB for its first ride today, and I found myself wanting my XAM. I dont know if I just need more time to get used to it, or if I am just so spoiled by the great performance of my XAM that the Komodo just doesnt do it for me. I even felt like I could jump both bikes equally, which really surprised me. Either way, I am already consider dumping the Komodo.