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    2019 Jamis Portal A1 with 27.5+

    I happened to stop at Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale on Friday and the Jamis guys were there doing a demo day. I've been riding a Stache for the past 14 months. Unfortunately, the majority of my local trails have too many rock gardens and trails are literally littered with rocks. Hardtails just get tossed around and are constantly bucking, so that I decided to consider getting a FS. I was skeptical, I had a FS 12 years ago, but it was like pedaling a pogo stick, it was horrible even on the road.

    They had the 130mm Portal and the longer travel bike, but I wasn't interested in it.

    The 3VO linkage is amazing. I could not detect any pedal bob nor could I feel any kickback through the chain when going over rocks. The base shock on the A2 is pretty good, but the shock in the A1 is amazing. Absolutely feels like floating over the rock gardens. The rear tire feels like it's on a gravel road instead of 5 and 10 inch rocks. On the demo ride, I found myself seeking out bigger rocks and bigger bumps in the trail to see just how much the rear could soak up before it started to kickback or upset the bike. It never happened. The rear tire soaked up everything no matter how fast I went. It was extremely smooth and a great confidence booster.

    I wasn't planning to buy anything until I checked out a few more, but this bike rides so well that I can't imagine anything that eats up the rocks like this does. (I had tried Specialized, Scott, and Salsa previously, none impressed like this)

    The Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale gave me a great price to close the deal, so I took it home.

    I thought that I might end up with FS someday and use it for the rockiest trails, but this bike pedals just as good as a hardtail so it will probably be my main bike. There was absolutely no loss of power, no bobbing, it felt like it was a hardtail but it soaked up the chatter and rocks on the climbs.

    When a FS pedals this well, it almost makes a hardtail obsolete.

    Yesterday, we rode twice as far as we normally ride and I was less tired in my back, shoulders, and neck than I ever remember; though my legs were exhausted. Today, my back, shoulders, and neck aren't even tired which really surprises. My shoulders are always sore the day after a ride.

    If you haven't tried one, make it a point to before buying another bike.

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    Thank you for such a thorough review! This suspension design has been in the works for some time now and we are very excited to get it into the wild! This sort of feedback serves to solidify our belief that 3VO really is a revolutionary full-suspension design. We talk a big game with it and the bike backs it up! Keep spreading the word!

    Our Bicycle Test Ride Experience tour has moved into California. Check out the Jamis Facebook events page, as well as BicycleTestRide.com for all demo dates.

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    If you build an xxl i will buy one!
    If it ran 29 x 2.8. Even better.


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