2012 jamis exile sport

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  • 12-25-2011
    2012 jamis exile sport
    Does anyone have any comments on this bike. All my local shops don't carry this bike. I wanted to either buy that or the giant talon 2. I am just looking for suggestions I realize in the end its what ever feels comfortable to me.
  • 12-27-2011
    I would go with the Giant if you dont plan on upgrading the fork. While it comes with a cheap/flexy XC28(a RS Dart 3), that will out perform the RST fork on the Jamis. The rest of the parts are comparable for the most part. The Giant has a better rear derailleur as well.
  • 12-27-2011
    Thanks for the help I appreciate it
  • 01-28-2012
    If it helps, the jamis has better wheels, better derailleur and shifters, a much better crank-set (shimano vs generic) and better brakes (hayes vs tektro). Forks are roughly equal. I would definitely recommend testing the difference in the shifters on both bikes....from a performance perspective the new Alivio rapidfire shifters blow the x-4 our of the water for both feel and accuracy.
  • 10-16-2013
    Just bought a 2013 Jamis Exile sport today, $525, leftover demo, got a free computer and seat bag with tools, tube, and miniature co2 can to inflate in case of flat. Went out trail riding at night with my neighbor, had a blast! Not as fast as my Nova Race cyclocross, but what a work out! I'm a newbee, don't know much. So for whatever it's worth, this is my second Jamis. 47 years old. Not in the best shape. The exile handled superbly. Maybe consider it. Eastern Mountain Sports has them for $529 new on sale now!
  • 03-01-2014
    The Sport build stinks on the trail, especially the 2012. The Comp is much better. On the Comp you get hydro brakes, a smoother nine speed drivetrain (only eight on the Sport) and a lighter, stiffer, Rockshox fork with 29er specific offset. The 2013 Comp was given a wider flat bar after magazine reviews complained about the riser bar, so it feels a lot nimbler through the twisty stuff.