With my 5 post minimum now met, it's time to get down to business. Here's the situation.

With my riding style these days being 95% on pavement or bike paths I'd like to upgrade my from my older chromoly MTB to a flat bar road bike or similar. Enter the Jamis Allegro line. I spent quite a bit of time a few months back researching all of the bikes that fit the bill of what I'm looking for, i.e. aluminum frame, 700x32 or 700x35 size tires, disc vs. no disc, etc. After narrowing everything down I finally settled on the Jamis Allegro 1X. I know that the 1X is their bottom end Allegro, but the component level should be fine for what I need and price-wise it's right where I need to be considering I've got a 2 year old and a newborn at home.

Here's the issue... there's only 1 LBS that stocks the Allegro line and they only have 1 in stock. A 2011 Allegro 2. The owner checked with Jamis and he can order the '11 Allegro 1X that I was looking for, but he also offered to make me a deal on the Allegro 2 so that he can get it off the floor. The 1X is going to be $650 shipped in from Jamis. The Allegro 2 is normally $650 and he's willing to sell it for $595.

I guess I'm really just looking for some opinions and feedback at this point on the Allegro 2 vs. the 1X. The frames are basically identical. These are the differences -

The 1X has the SR fork, with no lockout and is about 7 lbs heavier than the Allegro 2. That said, it's probably still 5 lbs lighter than my old Gary Fisher. The 1X also has mechanical disc brakes. It has a 700x35 tire and is $55 more expensive.

The Allegro 2 has a rigid fork and is 7 lbs lighter than the 1X and probably 10+ lbs lighter than my Fisher. It has a 700x32 tire (coming from a 26" bike, skinny tires look skeery). It only has a 2 speed crankset, which is not really an issue because I'll probably never use low gear. The Allegro 2 has v-brakes vs. the disc on the 1X. Finally, it's also in stock, so there's the instant gratification factor.

Considering this is going to be a pavement/dirt path bike, how vital is the suspension fork? How much stability am I losing from a 700x35 to a 700x32? Are mechanical disc brakes going to be that much better than V-brakes? Should I go for the weight savings or in the interest of stability/capability should I get the 1X with bigger tires and suspension fork? I know that a lot of these questions are for personal opinions. That is understood. I'm having trouble making up my mind here so I'll take whatever I can get.

I should also mention that I'd like to swap the rapid-fire shifters out with gripshift to match my other bike. Just a personal preference. I'm not sure if that'll change anything in the decision making process between the two bikes but I thought I'd mention it.