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    2010 Jamis Parker hubs...

    I gotta admit, it's kinda like when you buy a mid-level Specialized; it seems that they skimp on hubs. You'll have an XT level bike running Deore level hubs. As soon as I saw the "Formula DC32" hubs listed on the Parker, I was certain that it would be the first upgrade.

    What I've found:

    1. The DC-32 Alex wheelset on the Parker is pretty tough. They have handled my over 200# body on drops, jumps, staircases, and even some 4' drops to flat. (I normally never do drops to flat)

    2. Pretty light, dude. The wheelset is probably only 1/4lbs heavier than my Hope Pro 2 / EX 5.1d wheelset that's on my Komodo. Not bad for a slopestyle rig. The thing that makes it seem so heavy is the wire bead Nevegals and PG950 cassette. Save lots of weight there.

    3. The Formula hubs are completely serviceable. There are 3 cartridge bearings in the rear hub. 2 front. Aside from the 19mm cone wrench that I need to order to get it taken apart, it looks like a piece of cake. The freehub body is available through universalcycles for $45'ish.

    Overall, I've been pretty daggum impressed with this bike for $1250. The only thing I hate is the short crank arms that kill my pedaling and short seatpost killing leg extension, but those aren't all that bad.

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    Rear hub

    It is good to hear that it is working out for you well. In my case with new 2010 Jamis 650 b2 which came with American Classic Wheel did not go too well, in fact it is still happening. Within two weeks I got the bike the rear hub stopped engaging and I had to call my wife to pick me up. Then I sent it back to this online dealer I bought the bike from and they went out of their way to help me by sending me the wheel with new hub as they were getting it warranty seviced by AC. On second ride with new hub, same thing happened again and this time I did not have the phone with me, so I had to walk about a mile back to my house. When I called the dealer, he asked me send it back again and he was very good person to deal with, however so far within a month, my bike has been out of commision for two weeeks and I had to spend $60 for two shippings. The worst part is that now I will be paranoid to go on riding on this wheels since it could happen again anytime. I never really had this problems with all other bikes (7 of them) we have in the family and this is the most expensive one I have.

    All i can do is to wait now but if anyone had similar experience and resolved the issue, please let me know how you fixed it. I ride about 2-3 times a week mostly on the neighborhood paved bike path for 30 mintes at a time. I just don't get it..


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