2009 Xct 3

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  • 03-18-2009
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    2009 Xct 3
    Picked up a XCT 3 about 3 weeks ago. Super happy with the way the bike rides. Especially the decent's. It's a touch slack but that instills so much confidence while railing the down hills, it's crazy. Climbs very well, digs for traction. Rides very light. Then again, I'm coming off a 33 lbs 6" bike. Thinking of putting a Joplin post and some GEAX Tires when the Kenda's wear out.
    Here's a couple pics...
  • 03-19-2009
    VERY nice! congrats! Hopefully I will get one someday
  • 03-19-2009
    Nice, glad to see it came with the CB acids. The photo in the catalog shows what looks like m-505s. I'm sticking to the roads for now but ill be putting in my order soon enough. I figure not having a new toy will keep me off the trails a little longer and prevent me from rutting things up till the worst of the mud is over.
  • 03-20-2009
    That's purdy. I wish there was a Jamis demo dealer nearby.
  • 03-21-2009
    Xct 3

    Originally Posted by xls
    That's purdy. I wish there was a Jamis demo dealer nearby.

    Have you contacted your local Jamis dealer to inquire about a demo? Where are you located?
  • 03-24-2009
    I got the same bike a few weeks ago. AWESOME!!!!!!!