I posted this up on the "I beg you more Monstercross" thread, but I decided to see what the Jamis folks thought of this bike so here we go. I have 2 dedicated mountain bikes, both Steel, both 29ers. I wanted a MX'er, by whatever definition you choose as your religion, mine is drop-bar 29er because I like the slacker geo for downhills. I really will ride on the trails anyway, and I doubt I will ever race CX. I got the frame and fork used locally, but in near perfect condition. The steel is Reynolds 631, so I am interested to see if there is much difference from 4130 Cromo. Really excited to ride this bike. I looked and looked but couldn't find much info on this frame, but the Jamis matching fork is crazy long 490mm A/C. Should give some interesting ride characteristics. 2008 Jamis Exile Chromo SS MX'er-img_1186.jpg2008 Jamis Exile Chromo SS MX'er-jamis.jpg2008 Jamis Exile Chromo SS MX'er-img_1187.jpg