2007 XAM Tech Info

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  • 12-14-2008
    2007 XAM Tech Info
    A 2007 XAM 2 has served me exceeding well for 2 years. I have searched the web, have asked reps many times for tech info. Tonite I have located a site for fans of the 2007 XAM's.This will make it easy to order replacement parts and provide a better understanding of how it all goes together. Enjoy:thumbsup:
  • 04-13-2009
    Now i can replace all my creaky bearings! Many thanks for the information and work what you done! :thumbsup:
  • 04-13-2009
    Think about what you are getting. I decided to go with Enduro, the only ones you can't get fromthem are the 2 pair inthe link the 689's. I have all mine in from enduro, waiting on the others. Also purchased the headset bearing. Good lick
  • 04-14-2009
    Thanks, nice find! I pdf'd a bunch of tsuff for future reference
  • 04-14-2009
    Replacement Bearing
    Check out this link for bearing replacement. http://www.enduroforkseals.com/
    Now that we have uncovered a few 07 XAM owners, how about hearing about you setups and experience with the bike. The site is so full of negative energy. I have broken and worn out lots of stuff. I just fix it and go riding. Positive vibe will get you through.
  • 05-11-2009
    Up Dated XAM Spec's, Work Needs to be done.
    Boys, Decided to check my bearings, it's real wet here, The bottom bracket and drop out pivot bearings were real bad. I just found out my nice Enduro 698's aren't correct, the drop out takes the new 698-10 bearing used on all the current bikes. I'm attaching a parts list that I have been able to put together from the net. Still trying to fill in the blanks and will update. Cheers
    2007 DAKAR XAM Derrailer Hanger 12-3580 S/A 06 Diablo & XLT or 12-0777 Revised
    No# Part Number Description Spec Detail Quantity
    1 XAM Shock Mounting Bolts  Washer 14 x 6.5 x T1.2 STAINLESS 2
    2 UNIQUE to 2007 XAM  Washer 13 x 8.5x T1.5 SPCC 2
    3   Screw set (Link Pivot) M6 x 1.0 x 8 x L34 2
    11   Screw M6 x 1.0 x 8 x L42 2
    5 XAM Seat Tube Pivot Washer 10 x 5.2 x T1.0 STAINLESS 6 6 UNIQUE to 2007 XAM Ball Bearing 15 x 9 x T5 689 2RS 4 7 " Pivot Spacer 11 x 9 x L27 Alloy 6061-T6 1 8   Pivot Axle M5 x 0.8 x L49 STAINLESS 1
    9   Screw M5 x 0.8 x L15 2
    10   Bushing 9 x 5 x 5L S45C 2
    4   Screw M5 x 0.8 x L20 2
    12 12-2003 Bottom Bracket Pivot Assembly
      Alloy Cap Nuts 2 1x 17 x 2.5 x L25 Alloy 6061-T6
    29.5 x 17 x 3 xL25 [ new style] 2
    13 Same as 09 Parker, XC Ball Bearing 30 x 17 x T7 6903 2RS 2 14   Bushing 24.0 x 17.0 x T4.5 STAINLESS 2
    15   Screw M12 x 1.7 x L46 STAINLESS 1
    16 12-2602  Drop Out Pivot Assembly
    Ball Bearing 19 x 8 x T6 x 10[inner sleeve] 6982RS-10 2
    17 Same As 09 XAM, XCT,XCR alloy, BAM, PARKER Screw M6 x 1.0 x 8 x L15 2set
    20 2007 XAM UNIQUE  Bell Crank Plate Alloy 6061-T6 1set