Any of you tired of the flex in the rear of your 07's. That 689 bearing in the seatstay pivot is the culptit. The 689 is a 17mm OD 9mm ID 4mm Tall, the balls are so small and to make matters worse they press in a sleave so you use 5mm bolts. Which I have broken or bent. Replace this with a 606 which is 17mm OD 6mm ID 6mm Tall. All you have to do is drill out your swing link and retap to 6mm thread. Now you install 6mm bolts, which are approx 20% bigger and about 40% stiffer. These larger bearings are soooo Smooth and all the flex is gone. Now I just have to figure out how to modify the pivot on the down tube as the swing link at that end is slotted.