• 05-10-2009
    '04 DAKAR SPORT - Rear shock upgrade?
    going on a trip out to the west for some riding. i've had my bike for a while and all my buddies just got new ones, so of course im lookin to upgrade. Anybody got any suggestions for a new rear shock as mine is coil and kinda old.

    or should i just leave it alone/worry bout a fork first?

    i bout this thing for like 750 so if all that stuff will cost more than i should be putting into it that's something id wonder about too. let me know if you guys got any help for me. thanks
  • 05-25-2009
    Probably not worth upgrading. But if you must, the Fox Float seems to be the most recommended rear shock. I think your frame takes a 6.5 x 1.5.
  • 05-26-2009
    If you look on eBay, you can get a Float real cheap and if not beat up to bad, use the same spacers from the shock you have currently. It's a great frame, I don't believe it's not worth it. I have 2 as well as a Dakar XLT and Sette Riddk. I ride my sport quite a bit, it just feels so comfortable.