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    Grease, Teflon tape, and a few other TLC questions

    Ok, so I mentioned in a previous thread that I unfortunately have to drive 30-40 min. to get to the closest LBS in my area, not sure why there is not one around where I live, which is about 4 miles or so from our state renown mtb trail....I know, I know, it is Louisiana, but still there should be a LBS somewhere in the vicinity of the trail!!!

    Anyway, that leaves the minor repair/troubleshooting for my HP up to me. So, I have began to hear a light creak on the downstroke of my drive side, when in high torque situations. After doing my homework, hopefully correct, the symptoms seem to point to a loose BB. So, instead of driving 75 miles round trip (got to hate current gas prices!!) and paying a service charge, I figure that it would be better and cheaper for me to get a BB tool and do this myself. The actual procedure seems to be trivial, but at the same time I am learning how to do more routine procedures on my own.

    Now to the question(s). I know that applying grease and medium treadlock(small amount) is very important is eliminating seizing and eventual losening of the component. I have read some posts, and some say that you can use whatever grease you desire (automotive, no-name Wally world stuff, ect...), while others say that you have to use a grease certified for bikes. Also, some have even said that you can just use teflon tape instead of grease. Others say that you have to use treadlock, while some indicate that they have never used it at all. So, once again, I turn to the good 'ol IH post to help me sort out this mess of discontinuous opinions.

    Can you shed some light on the subject? What all purpose grease do you use, or is there even an "all purpose" grease. Where and when is is appropriate to use teflon tape? What about treadlock? Where and when is it appropriate to use medium and light treadlock?
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    Here's my own 2 worth I post on the drivetrain forum:

    First, I hate threadlock unless it's absolutely necessary. I suggest not using it.

    Second, always do a "dry" test fit to make sure the BB threads in. I apply a few drops of light oil and attempt to screw it in my hand -- no wrenches, breaker bars, or ratchets -- to ensure the threads aren't buggered. If it won't go, I'll consider taking it to the LBS to get the shell chased.

    My surefire, no squeak recipie is as follows:

    Two wraps of teflon tape around the BB cartridge & adapter,
    One finger full of anti-sieze lubricant smeared inside of each side of the BB shell,
    50 ft-lbs of torque (cartridge first, cup second)

    Grease the splines (I grease tapers, too, but that's another topic),
    Torque the crank arms to spec (usually 30 to 36 ft-lbs).

    Go ride!

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    teflon tape and never have any problems just follow speeds procedure and i also learned that from the LBS that I now deal with

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    Check your pedals first, it may be they just need to be tightened down a bit or try putting some teflon or grease on the threads.

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    "no threadlock" seems like a sensible thing to do. Plus it might actually contribute to creaking.

    Another area that hasn't been mentioned but is an important source of creaking for me (SS freak) are the chainring bolts. Those you just might want to grease the thread and crank them down real good (have a couple spares handy, they tend to snap like that (snapping fingers)).


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