*User report*

My Rohloff had a bad seal and leaked oil. After 2-3 sets of contaminated brakepads I noticed that my hub had no oil in it anymore on Oct. 3. Last oil change was end of january this year, I think the hub lost the last drops before that already. You notice that because the hub gets louder, the oil normally dampens the noise a bit.

Repair must be arranged via a Rohloff authorised dealer/bikeshop and the LBS took 30 for shipping. The repair took one month, partly because the LBS did not know how they had to return a Rohloff (doesnt happen much...) and partly because Rohloff was a bit understaffed due to 2 weeks school vacation period in October here in Germany. T

otal costs were 137,50. 30 for shipping from the LBS, the rest for "seal replacements", no more details were given on which ones. During the wait for the repair I called Rohloff and asked them, they stated their costs would be max 150, depending on how many seals they replace, so apparently not all of them were leaking. Afaik there are 4 places a hub is sealed: left and right seal around the bearings, pressure vent around the axis in the middle of the hub and the seal between housing and cover.

I bought this hub used and therefore I have no garantuee/goodwill on this hub. Rohloff also always states that they offer lifelong "goodwill" for owners that bought it new in a shop/with a bike and registered it on their website for guarantee. So for a first owner probably would have paid only the shipping costs, unless it is obvious the owner is at fault.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is that I had to do this via a bikeshop. I could have sent it for a few directly, it would have been cheaper and faster (I live in Germany myself).

No clue on how much a bikeshop outside Europe would take for handling/shipping for a service.

Disclaimer in case somebody digs this up after 2 centuries: Prices count for 2019 only I think