Chain compatibility with an Alfine 8 sprocket-
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    Chain compatibility with an Alfine 8 sprocket


    I will be converting my singlespeed Surly Straggler to an Alfine 8. However, if possible, I'd like to keep my front setup, CX-1 cranks with a direct mount Wolftooth narrow-wide 42t ring. The Wolftooth only takes 10-speed or higher chains. For the Alfine sprocket the Shimano website advises to use a 9-speed chain. I have been bitten before by wrong combinations of front ring and sprocket so I'd like to make sure now.
    I could replace the CX-1 with the Alfine cranks but preferably not.
    Any advice?

    Another question related to the gear ratio, I ride a 42x17 now. I require a bit more range both above and below that, that's why I'm going to the Alfine. What sprocket would I best use? Here it recommends to have a 19, 20 or 21 sprocket but it seems that the Alfine sprockets only exist in 18,20t. I just don't know if for example I pick an 18, how many gears do I have above and below it, ie what's the starting gear for a given combination?

    Many thanks.

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    I think you'll be fine with a 10 speed chain. They are the same internal width as 8 and 9 speed chains.

    For your 2nd question, 5th gear in the 8 speed hub is 1:1. This is taken from here: If you use a 17 tooth sprocket, it will give 4 gears below and 5 above. You can use Nexus sprockets on Alfine hubs.

    Gear ratio_1 527
    Gear ratio_2 644
    Gear ratio_3 748
    Gear ratio_4 851
    Gear ratio_5 1
    Gear ratio_6 1223
    Gear ratio_7 1419
    Gear ratio_8 1615


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    Thanks a lot!!

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