Tracer question and an answer-
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    Tracer question and an answer

    First off, I emailed Intense about an earlier question I posted on this board about the correct torque ranges for the pivots. Here's their response:
    "All the bolts will be good to go hand tight, (about 15 ft lbs). If you have an issue with a bolt that likes to walk on you, blue loctite works wonders!!"
    I'm pretty sure that he meant 15 in/lbs, not ft/lbs. Anyway, I figured out a way to measure the factory settings. I made a mark on the pivot bolts, backed them out ~1/4 turn, then re-torqued them with my torque wrench to the original setting. My wrench goes from 25-250 in/lbs, and the bolts I tested were all a little under 25 in/lbs, so I figure 15 in/lbs is about right.

    While I was doing this, I noticed that the chainstay pivot on the drive side had a metal spacer (~2mm) between the horst link and the chainstay. There isn't one on the left hand side. Is this normal, or should there be one? All of the other pivots such as the ones on the upper link have a small spacer between the adjacent links.

    I have one final question. My frame came with a float RC shock. On the Fox site, it says that 2001 and 2003 Tracers have shocks with a 1.5 in stroke. I measured the stroke on mine by deflating it, compressing it until it hit a hard stop, re-inflating the shock and measuring the distance the o-ring was displaced on the shock shaft. I'm getting 1.25 in. Is this normal?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Actually yes, he does mean 15 ft lbs. 15 in lbs is nothing, you can almost finger tighten a bolt to 15 in lbs Heck, a Thomson stem recommends 48 in lbs for all the bolts, your pivots DEFINATELY need more than that! As far as the washer in the horst link, YES, there should be one there. Otherwise there will be metal on metal grinding! Stop riding the bike immediately until you get that washer in there! About the shock, I don't know for sure. I have tested most of my floats and the usually come just a tad short of 1.5". Usually somewhere around 1.4" The last bit I suppose might be restricted by a bumper or some sort of hard bottom out protection. 1.25" does seem a bit short though. Are you sure it fully exteneded when you measured (should be 6.5" between the center of the bolts on each corner of the shock)?

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    Yeah, I measured the i2i, and it was 6.5. I'll deflate the shock again tonight and re-measure, just to be sure. I figured there should be a spacer at the pivot. It doesn't look right without it. I'm just finishing building up the frame, and haven't ridden it yet.

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