• 11-16-2016
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    New Intense Tracer 275 - 2017
    Recently I spotted a photo of what is possibly a new Intense Tracer 275.

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    The looks of it resembles very much the new Intense Uzzi but of course there are some differences. The key differences are: small geometry adjustments, lower link is placed in a better location (above the BB), progressivity of the bike has been changed.

    Although it was hard I did the geometry and suspension analysis for this bike. Its all taken from this one picture so don't take this too seriously.

    The head tube angle of new Tracer 275 is changed from 66.5 to 65.5.

    The seat tube angle is changed from 74.5 to 75.

    Chainstay length is probably the same 432mm.

    Reach is changed and it is now 15mm longer. So for large frame it would be 460mm instead of 445mm.

    Now it comes the really big change. I am not sure of this because really small change of placement of pivot points in this new frame changes a lot. So the forces graph looks really crazy. The frame look as if was much much more progressive than the old model. What it means is that usage of coil shock in this frame will be a very good idea. The anti squat and anti rise values are almost the same as in previous model. Pedal kickback on high level as usual.

    So in summary the new Intense Tracer 275A and 275C will be slacker, longer and more progressive. It will be much better bike for hard enduro and most definitely not so versatile as it was. I cannot see meaningful changes in the weight department so the alloy version will still probably be the heaviest enduro frame on the market (3,4kg without a shock).
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    Early April fool's joke? That's an AL Spider that Lopes rode in DS, eh?
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    Early April fool's joke? That's an AL Spider that Lopes rode in DS, eh?

    You mean this one from 2015?!?
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    Bingo! :)