xc olimpicks please

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  • 08-22-2008
    xc olimpicks please
    some one please tvo the mtb xc course on the olimpick tomarow.. please!!!
  • 08-23-2008
    Will let you know...
  • 08-24-2008
  • 08-24-2008

    Originally Posted by TwistedCrank

    Another thread hijacked by the same individuals with all of their non-mountain biking crap that none of us care about.
    Stop posting all of your damned stupid pictures and non MTB content. Some of us actually want to hear about trails, conditions, bikes etc and not sheep, fecal matter, and orifices.

    We all llike a bit of humor throughout the day, but it has gotten out of hand recently. If we can't count on the individuals on here acting like adults then maybe the moderators should do something about it.

    Rant over, now go ride!
  • 08-25-2008
    I see that comrade Earthpig tried to enchant you with the Crimea. Comrade Earthpig used to have a dacha in the Crimea. He would invite all the other comrades to his dacha where we sit in the baths and discuss Trotsky while drinking vodka and eating caviar. Comrade Earthpig was such a jolly joker. Too bad they took him away to the gulag to spend twenty years of forced labor welding Specialized frames.
  • 08-25-2008

    Originally Posted by BoiseBoy
    Does self incrimination feel good to you?

    Not nearly as much as self stimulation. To naked pictures of Ernest Borgnine.

    I am Earthpig's inflamed sense of rejection.


    That should make everybody happy!
  • 08-26-2008
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    So, Earthpig was riding his bike - A MOUNTAIN BIKE - last night. In the howling wind and dust. (Bike content!)

    And Earthpig was listening to his iPod. On his bike. In the foothills. Where the trails are.

    And Earthpig heard this Elvis song. It gave him shivers all the way down to his tween.

    So, this one goes out to BoiseBoy, whereever you are. Earthpig loves you.

    When we kiss my heart's on fire
    Burning with a strange desire
    And I know, each time I kiss you
    That your heart's on fire too

    So, my darling, please surrender
    All your love so warm and tender
    Let me hold you in my arms, dear
    While the moon shines bright above

    All the stars will tell the story
    Of our love and all its glory
    Let us take this night of magic
    And make it a night of love

    Won't you please surrender to me
    Your lips, your arms, your heart, dear
    Be mine forever
    Be mine tonight

    Earthpig really likes that part about "making a night of love." He's still getting shivers in his shorts.

    Oh wait, the shivers are from wetting himself. Oops.
  • 08-26-2008
    I've found that when things get really harsh in life that the best thing to do is go out for a bike ride during the hottest part of the day without any water. If you get thirsty you can drink your urine. It's recycling, so it's good for the environment. And you can feel good about that.