Hubby and I took a day trip up to the American Falls trail, N of Priest Lake in N. Idaho.

While not old growth cedar forest, the second growth on this very is very old. The trail is buff single track through cedars and ferns for miles and miles, a very gentle gradient.

In places the ferns were chest high, but I don't have pics of that.

Ferns everywhere

The trail appears to be quite old and well maintained. There were lots of these nifty boardwalks over the boggy areas.

After 8 miles of the ferns, cedars and boardwalks,
American Falls, Upper Priest River.... 1 mile S of Canada.

Those darn ferns, everywhere it seems

Upper Priest River

Here's our little lunch spot

Then back down....whee---yeah!
This trail was very reminiscent of the MRT sans lava