So, after many months of being off the bike, I finally made it out, so I decided to ride in Wilson Creek. After seeing a co-worker loading up his horses, I took off in solidarity; with no idea of where I was headed, or for how to get home from where ever I was. It was so pleseant, that I totally did not even care where I was going, I was just riding, and happy with that. I loved not seeing anyone, or anything that was not natural. It seems the trails are absolutly endless, with options for everyone. But unfortunatly, my legs remided me that I had already went snowboarding that morning, and that I had not been on the bike in 5 months; I know that is a long time, but with a very hectic work schedule, and hernia surgery, I guess it is justifiable- to me any way. I am very much looking forward to a great year of riding, and hopfully meeting up with some of the great people on this board.
btw, I spotted a heard of 5 wild horses, man they have the life, just roaming around, jumping and kicking. Dont work too hard, Jarrod