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    What tires for Rock Island?

    Need input..

    I am looking for a set of tires that is conducive to Rock Island type riding. I have XC tires now that are on the skinny side. I am using some Tioga DH that a most gracious gentleman loaned me. I am looking for something in the 2.5 in range. Any suggestions?

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    tires......a cyclists life long quest.

    I have used a veriety up there. some frames dont except 2.5 tires , so just double check that they will fit. A good combo to mull over would be maxxis, they do a minion 2.35 super tacky on the front, and a mobster 2.35 60a in the back. IF your frame will accept 2.5, that same combo in a 2.5 is also available. With this combo, you have great traction in the front with the super tacky, and the 60a in the back will roll faster and wear slower. Come out and see me in meridian at georges and I will hook you up.
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    The best front tire EVER is the Continental Diesel Protection. I think I may have to buy some new ones. They're light, I've pinch flatted with them ONCE in a year of hard riding, they grip, and they've lasted me pretty much forever. I've ridden hundreds of miles of pavement, singletrack, jumps, rocks, and just about everything, and I plan on still riding it for a long ways. I mean It's been on my bike for 15 months, and I still think I could sqeeze another 3 out and be just fine.

    Simply put, get one for the front. As for the rear, I don't know what to say except don't get a Panaracer. THEY BLOW.


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    Those 2.3 Tioga DH's are as wide as a lot of 2.5's, not necessarily the best tread though. I like the Minion (I run a 2.7 60A front) with a foldable version of that Tioga DH 2.3 and love that combo. The rear is wide yet light enough to pedal without blowing a lung out and the front just mows down everything in sight. I've got some brand new 2.35 High Rollers that are also really nice. When you're done with the Tiogas just bring em back...

    Have fun on the new ride big guy....

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    Warren ---

    I have a pair of used 2.35 Minion DH's F/R you can borrow to see if you'd like 'em.

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