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    Such a nice day today. There were a lot of kids out there big and little - and the level of talent the kids is amazing, hitting jump lines and throwing style and having a good time!
    12 year old kids hitting the big drop off the downhill trail...

    I worked the pumptrack for a few runs, did pretty good, that is a good workout too. Then rode the beginner jump line adjacent to the P Track. First few runs just rolling it then going faster each run and after a while just about clearing every one, with just a bit of rear wheel casage on some, oh well. A good start. Learning to pop it up then bring the nose down, rear up to land smooth on the backside. when hit right it is super smooth. jumping is REALLY addictive.

    Also the xc singletrack is really fun. I rode junk trail and there's some great berm turns on there - whoever built that trail did a really good job,you can go super fast through the berm turn sections (like all berm sections) but to have that on a xc trail is super cool.

    motivates me to get a little hardtail or something with stronger wheels as I want to keep going out there.
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    Thanks.......I've put it many lonely hours out there. I saw the potential and pushed the envelope. I've seen riders of all flavors on this trail. The best was two gals with fully fendered cruisers and baskets on the front. The cyclocross guys are always on it also. I just received approval from RtoR to incorporate similar features on the Rock Island extension trail (the shorter northern or western DH section depends on whose map you look at) Cody and Phil worked on several seasons ago. They are both in the loop and interested. Some of them (RtoR) have done the Junkyard experience and enjoy the features, flow and how the ride arounds/ride-bys work. Sure would help the cause if you can get many others on board with this kind of trail and generate some momentum. 120 miles of trail near Boise with about 1.3 miles of it like Junkyard seems to be a good start. Hope we can make it happen.

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